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The Oldest Chartered Local in the UAW.
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.....2014 Local 140 Election Results are posted on the Bulletin Board.....Check the Bulletin Board for flyers and details of upcoming events.....

Welcome Local 140 Members

2014 Election Results & Run-off Results
The 2014 Election results and Run-off Results are posted on the Bulletin Board. Congratulations to all the successful candidates and now all members must come together behind our new leaders to forge a strong union.

2014 Constitutional Delegate Election Results
The 2014 Election Results for Delegates to the International Constitutional Convention are posted on the Bulletin Board

Sunday and Holiday Production
The scheduled production at WTAP on Sundays and Holidays follows three separate categories using a rotation of A-Crew first, B-Crew second and C-Crew third then back to the beginning. The individual categories are; Sunday Mandatory, Sunday Volunteer, and Holiday Volunteer with back filling done by the crew(s) not scheduled. The schedule shows who worked last in each category and by simply following the rotation it's easy to see which crew is next in line to work in each respective category. View the schedule here.

Help us update the Local 140 By-Laws
(NOTE: The process has been temporarily suspended due to the upcoming elections. The Leadership wants a clean process that's not politically influenced. However, Please keep sending in your suggestions!)
The By-laws Committee is beginning the process to update our local's by-laws. Times and events have changed dramatically since the last update in 1999 and it is important that we keep our Local in step with these changing times for the benefit of all members of this great union, past, present and future. We want and encourage input from all members and retirees. Use the links below to participate in the process.


Become a Registered Member of our Website
Local 140 is working to improve communication with our membership. We want the ability to instantly notify the membership whenever important and vital information becomes available. Registration is the key to helping us build a database of current e-contact information. We want to utilize SMS text messaging as well as E-mail and Social networking so be sure to include your E-mail and Mobile phone number. The database is SSL secured and your information is encrypted for added protection.
Follow this link to register:

Remember.....Wear RED on Wednesday!
Right to Work is Temporary but Solidarity is Forever!
Some people question, "Why should I wear red?" Wearing red is not a political endorsement or a statement of support for your local or international leadership, it's a statement of solidarity and support for us, for each other, UNITED WE STAND. The only way we have ever accomplished anything in the past was by coming together as a union and the only way we will win the current war against unionized workers and the middle class is by standing together as a UNION. Solidarity is Forever! Please remember to show your solidarity for each other and wear RED on Wednesdays.

Our Local 140 Hall is Available to Rent
If you are interested in renting our local hall for that special event, please contact our Financial Secretary by phone: 586-756-9300 or e-mail:

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Nate Gooden
UAW-Chrysler VP

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We are the Oldest Local in the UAW!

In the early spring of 1935, the first organizing meeting of the American Federation of Labor Federal Union (as they were called then), that eventually became Local 140, was held in the Odd Fellows Hall on Bethune Street in Detroit. About 125 people attended representing Chrysler’s Dodge Truck, Detroit Forge and Amplex plants.

After the meeting, 40 of those in attendance came to the front of the room, plunked down a dollar and defied the anti-union spies who were present to put them on the company’s blacklist and Local 140 was born.

Many people believe that local union numbers are issued in chronological order. Local “140” was created by adding the number “1,” representing the one dollar membership fee, to the number “40,” representing the original 40 members who signed up to be union on that day in 1935.

The birthplace of the UAW is South Bend, Indiana and that’s where in 1935 between 200-300 charters, all dated the same, were issued for existing local unions. Charters are the legal documents, which establish the existence and framework for local unions.

However, the charters arrived one day late. When they finally were delivered, only two local unions in the Detroit area were holding meetings. They were Local 2 representing workers at the Murray Body plant and Local 140, an amalgamated local. As a result, these were the first two locals to receive official UAW recognition.

Many of us at Local 140 did not realize that ours is one of the oldest locals in the UAW. Consequently, by the fact that Local 2 is no longer in existence, Local 140 becomes the oldest chartered local in the UAW.